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5 Reasons Why Sleeping Next To Your Pet Is A Bad Idea (by mark reed)

To some of us, pets are not “just animals.” The bond we form with our pets can be so profound that we see them as members of our family. We give them unconditional love and they return it right back. And because we want to bask in the feeling of companionship with our dogs or cats, we allow them to sleep in our beds.

Pets are known for the many benefits they have on our health and well-being, from how having them can lower our blood pressure, lift our mood, and decrease reduce feelings of loneliness, Yeah, so? But you may also ask yourself: Is it 100% safe to sleep next to my pet in bed?

#1 – Allergies

As much as you love and want to dote on your furry friend, it does not make you immune to the allergens like dust that it can carry in its fur.

No matter what, dogs and cats will carry allergies at some point and it may trigger a reaction if you have an oversensitive immune system. Having your pet sleep next to you can increase the risk of allergic aggravation. And when has a runny nose and itchy skin ever made for a good night’s sleep?

#2 – Parasites

We get that you wash and groom your pets every day and also make sure to pay regular visits to the vet. But, no pet is fully safe from parasites. It’s known that pets get both intestinal and skin infections in their lifetime, such as mites and ringworms.

Also, your little bundle of joy’s mouth is not as clean as you might think it is. Even healthy cats and dogs have Capnocytophaga bacteria in their saliva, like every other carnivorous mammal.

This type of bacteria does not make your pet sick but in some rare instances, humans can develop diseases caused by its infection.

#3 – Meningitis

Your pet could be carrying meningitis and guess who could get infected? When you kiss your dog’s mouth, does it ever occur to you that it might be carrying bacterial meningitis?

When your pet is carrying the infection and you get as close to it as sharing your bed or kissing it, you become more prone to the infection. Meningitis symptoms include irritability, headaches, fever, and vomiting due to the bacteria that enter the blood.

#4 – It could be dangerous for your kid

Imagine your dog licking your baby’s pacifier without you realizing it. Um…ew?

If you let your pets into your baby’s room, at least pay close attention to it. No one can predict what could happen even though the pet is harmless.

But to be safe, it’s best to not let your pet sleep next to your children, or in your bed with them there because newborn babies and infants are at higher risk of infections from pets.

#5 – Bubonic plague

In the worst-case scenario, the bubonic plague may hit those who share their beds with pets. This type of plague caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis has gone down in history as the plague that hit Europe in the medieval era.

Yes, you can catch the plague from your pet. A bite from a plague-infected flea carried by your cat or dog can cause bubonic plague in people. In recent decades, several plague cases were reported.

Think of how many people had to let go of their pets because they suffered from allergies or diseases that they contracted from them. You don’t want to go through that pain and it’s also unfair to your pet, so think about it.

All of this does not mean that you should give less affection to your pets. Make sure to show them lots of love while watching for your health at the same time!

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