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7 Best Types of Photography to look into for passive income.

Which kind of photography is right for you?

Whatever you’re interested in, be it people, animals, nature, food, or fashion, there’s a type of photography geared around that specific subject matter. Everything under the sun, literally, is something you can photograph. And the sheer volume of options can be overwhelming. Discover your path with this list of genres open to hobbyists and professional photographers alike.

Here we cover just 7 different types of photography, providing a brief description of each and showcasing some examples to get those creative juices flowing. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite topic to shoot or rediscover an old love.

Nature Photography

Natural photography comprises of pictures of nature as viewed from the eyes of the photographer. Contrary to what many people believe, nature photography is not only restricted to capturing the images of trees and plants, but rather includes any outdoor natural aspect including hills, water

bodies and even the sky.

Nude Photography

Nude photography is a genre of fine art photography in which the subjects are generally in a nude or semi-nude position. Also popular by the name of erotic photography, the images clicked under this genre focus on the aesthetic qualities of the subject, including its form, emotional aspect and composition.

Landscape Photography

If you love photography and have the tendency to stop and look at the beautiful scenery around you and freeze nature in one picture, you are definitely a type of photographer interested in the type of photography called landscape photography.

Sports / Action Photography

This genre of photography specializes in capturing a decisive moment in an event of sports. Sports photography is one of the difficult types of photography. It requires practice along with the various equipments.

Portrait Photography

One of the oldest types of photography is portrait photography. It can range from shooting your family members to friends to pets. It is often called portraiture and this type of photographer abounds.

Wedding Photography/Event Photography

It is said that a newcomer in professional photography begins his/her career by practicing a wedding or event photography. But that does not mean that this type of photographer does not require and any skill. A person dealing in this type of photography has to be an expert in portraiture and extremely good editing skills. The demand for wedding photography or event photography is more

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography captures models in a glamorous light display fashion items such as clothes, shoes and other accessories. This type of photography is conducted mostly for advertisements and fashion magazines.

Experience and practice go hand in hand — if you’ve found something on this list that you never tried capturing before or even thought about shooting, there’s no time like the present to go get that shot!

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