'Bunch of people' will die on 'glorious' mission to Mars, Elon Musk predicts (9News)

Space-X founder Elon Musk has predicted "a bunch of people will probably die" as humans try to land on Mars.

Mr Musk called the space mission to take humans to Mars an "arduous and dangerous journey" but also said it would "a glorious adventure".

"A bunch of people will probably die in the beginning," Mr Musk said, while announcing a contest for carbon removal being funded by his foundation.

Getting people on Mars will be dangerous, Mr Musk said, but ultimately necessary in order to ensure the survival of humanity.

Mr Musk is putting up $128 million for a new XPrize competition aimed at spurring the creation of new carbon removal technologies and helping to ease the climate crisis.

The prize will be the largest cash incentive in history, according to XPrize, an organisation which hosts competitions focused on spurring innovation in a variety of business sectors.

The competition will run for four years, and