Wonders of Mauritius island❤️ A Wonderful Tourism Place?

Mauritius, or officially known as the Republic of Mauritius is a nation on an island that is present in the Indian Oceans and is at the distance of about 2000 kilometers (or some might say 1200 miles) from the southeastern coast of the continent of Africa. The country basically consist of several islands which are called Mauritius Rodrigues, also the archipelago along with the islands of Agalega.

Port Louis is the capital of the country and the largest city. Around 150,000 people live in this vibrant hub. Port Louis is the economic, cultural, and financial center of the country. Because of this, there is a significant Expat population drawn to the opportunity it offers. And, Expat satisfaction surveys consistently find happy Expats here.

The city has some beautiful architecture and shows traces of its colonial history. The country was at various times held by the Dutch, French, and British.

Foodies will love the city as each of these colonizers left some trace of their cuisine. And, immigration from Asia and local influences combined to make for an exciting local foodie scene.

From the cinemas and top-end boutiques of Caudan Waterfront to the buzz of the central market, Port Loius is a happening place.

Other popular cities in Mauritius include Beau Bassin-Rose Hill, Moka, Curepipe, and QuatreBornes. They range in size and facilities, but all have some Expat presence.

This island paradise offers a subtropical climate with year-round sunshine (more than 300 days a year, on average). Summer (November – April) is hot, with coastal temperatures between 25° C and 33° C. Winter (May – October) is cooler and dryer, with temperatures from 17° C and 25° C.